2023 Updated CAT Advice & Planning for Co-habiting couples

Most practitioners are aware that the threshold for Co-habiting couples is Group C, currently €16,250 This can lead to a substantial tax bill on the death of a partner, where the surviving partner is the main beneficiary. There are a few strategies to minimise/eliminate tax liabilities for the surviving partner. a)  If one party takes […]

Check your Clock – there’s a refund time limit!

Check your Clock – there’s a refund time limit! A recent case before the Revenue Appeals Commissioners related to a refund of tax being refused because it was outside the 4 year limit. This is a common theme for Revenue Appeals, and very often the taxpayer may have valid and compelling reasons as to why […]

VAT on property, Beware, A Cautionary tale!

VAT on property, Beware, A Cautionary tale! Property is a hot topic at present, and in this month’s blog we cover the mistreatment of the Vat on the purchase of a property. The Purchase Mrs Smith purchases the freehold to a commercial property in 2015 She registers for VAT and reclaims the VAT charged on […]

Benefits from Offshore Trusts

In our current blog, we examine the tax implications for beneficiaries of foreign trusts. Here are a number of examples: A US resident and domiciled individual settles €5 million in a trust for his child. He has never been resident in Ireland The trust is irrevocable and the settlor has no entitlement to any benefit […]

Deed of Family Arrangement/Disclaimer

In this blog we are looking at the various ways in which the distribution of the benefits from an Estate can be varied from the terms of the Will. We look at the tax treatment of three scenarios. Scenario 1 A mother leaves her estate to her children Anne and Martin. House in the estate […]

Transfer of a Site to a Child – A Case Study

As tax advisors we come across many diverse scenarios in regards to the transfer of a site to a child. We recently had a case where a mother, Margaret wished to gift a site in her garden to her son, Joseph and his partner, John. We considered three different scenarios. The site is transferred in […]

Trust Issues

As experienced Tax Advisors to Accountants we are often requested to support our clients with regard to Trusts queries. In most cases the drafting of a Will is straightforward, with the assets left to a spouse or divided amongst the children, however, sometimes the disposer will want to make provisions for someone who is vulnerable […]

Top Tips on Tax Relief to Improve Client Retention

Following on from last month’s blog we promised to provide further assistance and tips on how to add great value to your client relationships.  You can check out our previous blog here In addition to the age profile of your clients, there are various time periods which must be observed when claiming certain reliefs and exemptions: […]

Reduce Risk, Increase Opportunities & Improve Client Relationships

As experienced Tax Advisors to Accountants we often encourage our clients to review the profiles of their own clients on a regular basis.  This helps to identify if there are any areas of risk and also to scope out any potential opportunities that can add value to their client relationships. Here are some key areas […]