VAT on property, Beware, A Cautionary tale!

VAT on property, Beware, A Cautionary tale! Property is a hot topic at present, and in this month’s blog we cover the mistreatment of the Vat on the purchase of a property. The Purchase Mrs Smith purchases the freehold to a commercial property in 2015 She registers for VAT and reclaims the VAT charged on […]

Reduce Risk, Increase Opportunities & Improve Client Relationships

As experienced Tax Advisors to Accountants we often encourage our clients to review the profiles of their own clients on a regular basis.  This helps to identify if there are any areas of risk and also to scope out any potential opportunities that can add value to their client relationships. Here are some key areas […]

Professional Service Company Surcharge – Management Consultancy

A recent decision of the Tax Appeals Commission is very significant for practitioners with consultant clients trading through companies. Previously these companies were caught by the professional services surcharge. This left them with a choice of either: • taking a distribution of the profit at marginal rates of Income Tax /PRS I /USC or• paying […]