What We Do

Professional Tax Advisers are a multi disciplinary taxation solutions provider.

We cover all the major tax heads

  • Income Tax
  • VAT
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital acquisitions Tax
  • Stamp Duty


The benefit for you is that you only have to use one adviser, this reduces your administration costs and time spent on the client file, which very often can not be recharged.

We recognise that planning is an important part of taxation and we will advise on strategies to minimise tax liabilities whilst remaining fully compliant.


Very often our clients will have the expertise to deal with a tax issue but would like a second opinion, to ensure they are on the right track.

This can be useful where the sums involved are large (egĀ  property transactions), and serves to give peace of mind and minimise the riskĀ  for the accountant.


As branch representatives for the Institute of Taxation we have regular meetings with revenue whereby, we can put forward the views of our clients, and also hear about any special projects which may be in the pipe line.

The Contractors Project is a case in point, we have sought clarity on the main issues affecting our clients, from Revenue. We understand that there will shortly be information forthcoming on this subject.


VAT on Property is another area where we have seen an increase in activity;

  • Legacy Issues
  • Rules on the Transition to the new scheme.
  • Capital Goods Scheme

With the commercial property market picking up it we expect this area to grow as both vendors and purchasers want to ensure the correct VAT treatment is applied.


Professional Tax Advisers have become increasingly involved in assisting with Revenue Audits, advising our clients on technical issues and also on strategy and approach.

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